We really value our staff at all our stores and work hard to ensure that they play an active part in developing our business. We invest heavily in staff training and we personally induct all new members of staff to understand our vision.  Our staff give up their time to help with all local community events that we are involved in and we listen to what they would like to do . Our involvement with Relay for Life came about following the death of one of our team from cancer.

70% of our staff have been with us since we acquired the stores from Budgens. We are attracting good quality staff from major multiples who value the fact that their ideas are listened to and now have the reputation as a good local employer, receiving over 10 applications per week.

“ Your reputation in Shepperton is that if you have an idea, Vince and Dennis will work with you to bring that idea to life” Deli Manager Shepperton (ex Sainsbury’s)

Our longest team member to date, Olive Bucktrot has been with us for an incredible 25 years:  we must be doing something right!