A great recipe from top chef Giancarlo Caldesi for you to try…

A great recipe from top chef Giancarlo Caldesi for you to try…

Giancarlo Caldesi of renowned restaurant Caldesi in Campagna in Bray has kindly reproduced some of his wonderful recipes for you to try at home.  Why not have a go at reproducing it for your family and friends!

This first recipe will appear as part of the ‘Antipasti’ menu at our Seasonal Lunch held at Giancarlo’s restaurant in Bray on February 8th. (It’s still not late to book your table!  Find details in our post under the ‘News’ section on our website.)

Bagna Cauda (Piedmontese Hot Anchovy Dip) – Serves 4

 Assorted vegetables for dipping or roasting, e.g. carrots, celery, cardoons and peppers (served raw or roasted), radicchio, endive and cucumber (serve raw)

For the dip:

50g anchovies, filleted

2 garlic cloves, peeled and thinly sliced

15g butter

100g extra-virgin olive oil

 Cut the vegetables into sticks for dipping into the hot sauce. If you want to keep them raw, store them under a dampened piece of kitchen paper, or roast them..

 To make the dip, mince the anchovies and garlic together, either using a pestle and mortar or a food processor. Add the butter and olive oil little by little until a liquid paste is formed.

Serve in a bagna cauda or fondue dish with a candle lit beneath it. Do not allow the mixture to become too hot or it will separate; blow the candle out, allow the dip to cool and stir together. Re-light the candle if necessary.

To serve as a dressing, arrange your roasted vegetables on a serving plate and drizzle over the sauce, serving any extra at the table.  And enjoy…!

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