Seasonal Produce Offers

We have some fantastic seasonal produce on offer in stores – why not drop in to see what great deals we can offer:

Budgens Oranges/Easy Peeler – Buy One Get One Free

Grannysmith and Braeburn 4 pack – £1

Budgens Salad Potatoes – 100% extra free!

Kiwi Berries – £1.99 for 125g

Kiwi berries are one of the most exciting new fruits to come into the produce market in years. About the size of a grape, kiwi berries are a small variety of kiwi fruit that have a smooth, edible skin. The fuzz-free exterior makes it easy to pop this berry-like fruit into your mouth as a quick and delicious snack. They are also great in fruit salads! Kiwi berries are packed with flavour… but they have a short season, so get them while you can!!

Extra large Blueberries – £2.50 for 125g (up to TWICE the size of standard Blueberries!)

Budgens Supersized Navel Oranges – £.0.50 each

  • The Navel is one of the best eating oranges around (SEEDLESS).
  • These are ENORMOUS and they eat fantastically well
  • These are from our grower Aneco-op in Spain – grown around the Valencia region.
Other great produce available: (prices per kilo)
Flavourking Plums (Pluots) – £3.49
Budgens Blood Oranges – £1.89
Loose New Potatoes – £1.99
Budgens Cyprus New Potatoes – £1.99
Shoe Box Easy Peeler – £3.25
English Conference Pears – £1.95
English Fruit: £1.95 per kilo
Conference Pears
Royal Gala Apples
Cox Apples

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