Maloneys and St Ann’s Junior School – Bread Week Fun!

Maloneys and St Ann’s Junior School – Bread Week Fun!

We have had a lovely week with Year 5 children at St Ann’s Junior School in Virginia Waters, learning all about bread, its origins, its production, marketing and selling.

This comes about on an annual basis, as part of our commitment to our local schools programme; we introduce a week-long, national curriculum- based set of resources for teachers to educate their pupils in understanding the life-cycle of bread.

The 64 children involved were divided into 10 groups, named:

Little Chef                          Love our Loaves
Brilliant Bakers                  Ready Steady Bake
Budgens Little Bakers       Bread Builders
Five Mini Chefs                  Little Bakers
Five Star Bakers                Love Birds

Both teachers and pupils thoroughly enjoyed the week:

  • “The samples were yummy and exciting”
  • “We tried various foods that we had never had before”
  • “It was fun, creative, and great”
  • “Unusual doing it at school, where we do normal lessons”
  • “It opened up a door – awesome and cool!”
  • “One of the best lessons we have done in Design and Technology”
  • “One of the best projects we have ever done!”

The winning group was:  FIVE MINI CHEFS, who then sold their rolls in our Maloney’s Budgens Virginia Water shop on Friday morning and made £22.50.  This will go towards helping pay for something special at school.

Says Dennis Maloney: “I am delighted that the project has been such a success, helping our local children understand where food comes from.  This is just one of the ways in which we want to support our local community for the long term.”

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