Bread Project Week with South Ascot Village School

We have just finished a fantastic week working with Year 5 children at South Ascot Village School. At the start of the week we gave the children money to purchase ingredients from our store in Ascot and throughout the week they created their recipes and marketing plans and baked their bread.

On Friday morning we went into the school to listen to the presentations and ask questions to decide on the winning team, there were 7 teams and it was a closely fought contest. Each team had spent a great deal of time on the project with many working on this at home after school. The teams were:

Group One –    Breadlicious
Group Two  –   Choc Mellow delight
Group Three – Tropical Treats
Group Four –    Cranberry Crunch
Group Five  –    Brunch Crunch Baguette
Group Six    –    Happy Bread
Group Seven  – Cinnamon Heaven Bread
Through this project the children learnt much more that just baking but also used their maths and English skills to determine their marketing and pricing, there were also some excellent powerpoint presentation skills. It was really hard to choose a winning team as they were all excellent but we decided that Tropical Treats just had the edge and were the winners – we loved the advertising song that they performed for us.
This morning the winning team came into the store and sold their bread raising £37 for Tom’s Trust, their school charity. Some excellent selling skills were on show and we really hope that once they are old enough they will come and work for us.
Thank you South Ascot Village School for a great week and thanks to our customers for buying the bread and making very generous donations.

SAVS bread week

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