Bread Project with St Nicholas C of E School Shepperton

Last week we had an amazing week working with Year 5 children at St Nicolas school in Shepperton. The children came into our store to buy their ingredients and learnt not only about baking, but also used their Maths and English skills to work out costings and market their products.

There were 3 groups;

Group One – Gummy Bear
Group Two – Arrows on Fire
Group Three – Spearmint Polo’s
They were all very good and put on great presentations, it was very hard to choose a winner but ‘Arrows on Fire’ just had the edge and were selected as the winners and came into our shop on Friday morning to sell their bread to our customers and raised £28.74 which the children decided to donate to a special charity- that the school supports.
One very kind customer also gave a £10 donation to the children towards there charity.
Thank you to all at St Nicholas School, we really enjoyed working with you.

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