Maloney’s and Saxon School – Pasta Week Fun!

Maloney’s and Saxon School – Pasta Week Fun!

Earlier this month, we spent a wonderful week working with
the  Year 4 children at Saxon School, on our combined
Pasta Project.

This comes about on an annual basis, as part of our commitment to our local schools programme; we introduce a week-long, national curriculum- based set of resources for teachers to educate their pupils in understanding the life-cycle of pasta – i.e. where it comes from, how to make it, how to market and package it and ultimately to sell it!

The children were divided into different groups and created names for themselves, which were:

  • Pasta Paradise
  • Pop Pasta
  • Pasta Palace
  • Curly Whirly Pasta Pots
  • Saxon Super Shells
  • Pastiria Armstrong

The winning team, selected by Maloney’s Budgens, was Pop Pasta; they came into our store on the Friday and sold their fantastic pasta creation, generating sales of £29.88 which will go towards buying something special for the school. Moreover, they even invented a Pop Pasta song with which to serenade customers to help sell their creation!

The children had a fabulous time, their comments included:

  • Really fun and exciting
  • Wicked and awesome
  • Interesting
  • Good opportunity to taste different foods
  • Very good really fun doing this project
  • Really fun and exciting
  • Learnt a lot working in a team
  • We have had a very exciting week.


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