Supporting The Monkey Sanctuary

Supporting The Monkey Sanctuary

Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary (LMS) in Berkshire, is a UK registered charity, founded some two decades ago. The charity rescues these sensitive, social animals from pet shops, zoos, even family homes to bring them to LMS, where they live their remaining years in the most natural environment possible, with the companionship of their own species and with dignity.  Maloney’s Budgens of Ascot donates its waste to help keep this valuable charity running.

In addition, we have also recently taken on sponsorship of Delphy, a lively little monkey who is benefitting from the waste food we bring from the store and shelter as part of Maloney’s sponsorship offer.

Delphy was born on 9th August 2000 in a Dutch zoo. She was re-homed to Stichting AAP sanctuary for exotic animals in the Netherlands, on 24th June 2002, when the zoo was no longer able to take care of her, her Mother and another female.

Delphy is a Rhesus monkey. Together with her Mother Minoem and another female monkey, she was introduced to a male called Salsky. After being at Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary for a couple of years, it was felt that an introduction of a lone male to the ‘Dutch group’ would be of great benefit to all 4 of the monkeys. The introduction in 2009 went extremely well, resulting in an established, well adjusted group being formed.

Delphy lives in a large enclosure with her group and appears to be quite a dominant character. She is very agile and is able to utilise every inch of space; climbing fire hoses, bouncing on branches and swinging in a bucket!

Delphy enjoys being outside, even in the cold weather when the other 3 monkeys retreat to their warm indoor quarters. During the last batch of snow, she was spotted rolling it into a snowball then eating it!

Delphy enjoys all food and is exceptionally quick in retrieving any tasty morsel she has spotted. She will dig for bugs, catch flying insects and pull up any roots that grow in her enclosure. On chilly days, she enjoys a warm potato or two and will climb high up so nobody can reach hers.

The 4 monkeys that live together –  Salsky, Minoem, Delphy and Mulatta,-  get on very well. They often groom each other especially on a warm sunny day, when they can be found stretched out on a log. Although Salsky is the leader of the group, there is no aggression between them all. They seem very content and happy and all know their status and role within the hierarchy of the group.

We are delighted to be able to extend a helping hand to this worthwhile charity and will bring you more details, photos and news as it comes.


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